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UX Developer • Youtuber
Twilio Champion • Apple Alumni

Who am I?

I am a brazilian UX Developer and Youtuber pationate for using technologies in a creative manner, being a specialist in chatbots and voicebots.

I have travelled the world through my projects, being an alumni of the Apple Developer Academy and recognized as a Twilio Champion.

Content creator

I produce videos and articles about onversational technologies on my YouTube channel and Medium profile.

There are several posts addressing technology, design and sale of text and voice experiences.

Personal Projects

I've created several personal projects, being them for competitions, scholarships, hackathons and just for fun. These are my favourites:


A free alternative for hyperlink showcasing. There are several templates created by the community available in this repository.


An Artificial Intelligence made to play a version of the game "Rapid Roll", using Neural Networks and a Genetic Algorithm.

One of the projects chosen around the world for the WWDC Scholarship in 2019.


A system for managing packages through the use of HF-RFID tags.

First place in the Brazilian National Competition of Embedded Systems (2017) and in China's Intel Cup (2018)


To share my knowledge, I have developed some courses available on different subjects and technologies. These are the coolest:

SASS Course • Platzi

In this course I explain how to make web styling more simple, organized and powerful by using Sass, from the basics to the advanced. I cover topics like Mixins, SassScript, functions and flow control and even show you how to create responsive sites with SASS.

"Almost" a Chatbots Course • YouTube

This video collection organizes all of my content teaching how to create bots using the best technologies on the market! There are several videos to professionalize in this area. 

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